ND Water Users Association

The North Dakota Water Users Association was organized in 1959 to protect, develop and manage North Dakota’s water resources.

State Water Policy

“The public health, safety and general welfare, including, without limitation, enhancement of opportunities for social and economic growth and expansion, of all the people of the state, depend in large measure upon the optimum protection, management and wise utilization of all the water and related land resources of the state.” – Section 61-01-26, North Dakota Century Code


  • Red River Valley water supply
  • An outlet for Devils Lake
  • The Northwest Area Water Supply Project
  • The Southwest Pipeline Project
  • Rural water systems
  • Water for industry, recreation and wildlife
  • Municipal water supply
  • Water management projects and programs
  • Irrigation
  • River and bank protection
  • Water education
  • Other projects and programs to protect, develop and manage North Dakota’s water resources
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