North Dakota Water Channel

North Dakota Water YouTube Channel

2021 Upper Missouri Water Association Virtual Conference Presentations:

Pick-Sloan Today: A Regional Look at the Missouri RiverWade Bachmeier, Chairman, Missouri River Joint Board Our Missouri River Article   PowerPoint

State of Water in the States
   *Andy Bruels, Division Director & Erick Gronlund, Chief Engineer, South Dakota
   *Amanda Kaster, Director, Montana
   *Andrea Travnicek, Ph.D., Director, North Dakota
   *Greg Lanning, Wyoming State Engineer

Boots on the Ground: Bureau of Reclamation Update
  *Joseph Hall, Area Manager, Dakotas Area Office PowerPoint
  *Ryan Newman, Area Manager, Montana Area Office PowerPoint
  *Lyle Myler, Deputy Area Manager, Wyoming Area Office PowerPoint

Transportation, Budgets, WOTUS, and More: A DC UpdateIan Lyle, Executive Vice President, National Water Resources Association PowerPoint


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