North Dakota Water Channel

North Dakota Water YouTube Channel

July 14, 2021, Presentations:
$1 Billion from the State of North Dakota: How do we put it to work?Dani Hanson and Jack Dwyer, ND Water Resource Districts Association PowerPoint

Wetland Banks: Will they work for water managers and agriculture?Matt Retka, Wenck (Matt’s presentation starts at time 40:14) PowerPoint

Being a Good Neighbor: Managing water for the long termKale Van Bruggen, Rinke Noonan Law Firm PowerPoint

Recovering and Protecting from Floods Since 1997Allen Grasser, City of Grand Forks PowerPoint

Providing Clean Affordable Drinking WaterTodd Feland, City of Grand Forks (Todd’s presentation starts at time 23:20) PowerPoint

A Look from the FieldLevi Otis, Ellingson Companies PowerPoint

A Look from the FieldClif Issendorf, Producer PowerPoint

Roads, Culverts, and Drains: Where does water go next?Jason Benson, Cass County Engineer (Jason’s presentation starts at time 16:50) PowerPoint

Getting Water Moving: Updates to Tiling LawSean Fredricks, Ohnstad Twichell PowerPoint

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