Essential for life. Essential for quality of life. Essential for agriculture. Essential for processing, manufacturing, industry, industry, and business. Essential for economic growth. Essential for recreation. Essential.


Sometimes there is too little, sometimes too much. In North Dakota, we have both extremes. Record flooding across North Dakota, particularly the Red River, Sheyenne River, Souris (Mouse) River, and the Missouri River, have set before us challenges of enormous magnitude to tame and control these floods to protect property and lives.

At the same time, the potential for drought and the significant growth throughout North Dakota, in both our rural areas and cities, sets before us equal challenges, to develop infrastructure to provide adequate water supplies to areas east, north, west, and south.

Water has always been a priority in North Dakota. The Resources Trust Fund, the Water Development Trust Fund, and the Water Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund, are  evidence of North Dakota’s efforts to protect, develop, and manage its water resources, and provide solutions when there is too much or too little.

This website provides information on water organizations, water publications, the Missouri River, and efforts to protect, develop, and manage this most essential resource, water.

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