North Dakota Water Coalition


The North Dakota Water Coalition is a nonprofit organization established for water organizations around the state to work collaboratively towards identifying and constructing water development projects. It is “an organization of organizations,” meaning it does not include individual members but rather is a collection of organized groups, including water resource districts, regional water systems, rural water systems, joint water boards, and various state water groups. Many North Dakota cities are also members of this organization due to municipal water needs.

All members of the ND Water Coalition have a common interest of developing, planning, and executing successful water development projects. Because of this common interest, the ND Water Coalition was created for these groups to send a collective and unified position on the need for water funding to both the North Dakota State Water Commission and to the State Legislature. The ability for these groups to collaborate and work collectively has made it easier for legislators and the State Water Commission to understand the importance of these projects and the need for investment by the state.


Chairman: Ken Royse

Executive Director: Annika Plummer

Membership in the ND Water Coalition affords you the opportunity to engage with water leaders both regionally and statewide. As a member, you have a seat at the table as the coalition works to achieve consensus on water funding with an eye towards completing water infrastructure for economic growth and quality of life.

Membership also comes with exclusive updates on water policy proposals and updates during the legislative session and throughout the interim as well as the weekly “Week in Water” publication that highlights all water related meetings happening in North Dakota.

Questions about membership opportunities can be directed to staff at or 701-223-4330.