The Upper Missouri Water Association (UMWA) is a nonprofit regional water organization including the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The mission of the UMWA is to protect, develop and manage Upper Missouri water. By working together through the UMWA, water interests can become stronger and more effective. Instead of four separate states, each with a congressman and two senators, the region is represented by five congressmen and eight senators. Through unity, we can accomplish our regional goals.


Members in the Upper Missouri Water Association include all types of large and small businesses, individuals, farmers, ranchers, irrigators, engineers, contractors, companies, rural electric and other cooperatives, irrigation districts, rural water systems, cities and other organizations concerned about Upper Missouri water.

The association sends out a Monthly Briefing on federal legislation, regulatory actions and other issues concerning water. E-mail alerts are provided periodically on the latest federal issues impacting the upper Missouri and western states.

To learn more about membership opportunities, please contact staff at staff@ndwater.net or 701-223-4232 .