North Dakota Water Resource Districts Association


The North Dakota Water Resource Districts Association (WRDA) supports and helps water managers achieve wise and effective water resource management in North Dakota. The association consists of 63 water resource districts, including at least one district in every county and multiple districts in some counties.


In the area of water management, the need for a local unit of government to be responsible for water management and water development was recognized when enabling legislation for water conservation districts was first enacted in 1935 (S.L. 1935, Chapter 228). Water resource districts have extensive duties, authority and responsibilities, and are facing increasing challenges. Water resource districts are North Dakota’s local political subdivisions assigned to work towards coordinated and comprehensive management of the state’s water resources at the local level.

WRDA members support advocacy at the state level. WRDA staff and board work with state legislators, regulators and other organizations to advance water resource policy in North Dakota. WRDA also works with the state’s congressional delegation to future responsible water policy nationwide. WRDA members receive exclusive updates year-round on important policy changes impacting water.

To learn more about membership opportunities, please contact the North Dakota Water Resource District Association at or 701- 223-4615.

Joint Water Resource Boards

The legislature authorized water resource districts to create joint water resource boards to address water management issues within hydrologic boundaries. The authority for individual water resource districts to join together as joint boards is useful as it allows water resource districts to do together what they could not do alone. The following joint water resource district boards have been created in North Dakota, some being more active than others:


2024: Joint Summer Water Meeting • July 10-11 • Sleep Inn & Suites, Minot

Additional questions can be directed to staff at or 701-223-4615.