North Dakota Water Users Association


The North Dakota Water Users Association was organized in 1959 to protect, develop and manage North Dakota’s water resources. It is currently comprised of more than 300 local, statewide, and regional organizations with an active interest in water. Water Users serves as the umbrella organization for the North Dakota Irrigation Association, the North Dakota Water Coalition and other water-related organizations.


Members of the North Dakota Water Users Association support the passage and implementation of solid water policy that protects, develops and manages North Dakota’s water resources. Dues support advocacy at all levels of government in furtherance of that purpose. Examples of goals the organization is working toward include completion of the Red River Valley Water Supply Project, irrigation development and protecting the state from devastating floods.

North Dakota Water Users members receive exclusive updates year-round on important policy changes impacting water. The Water Users Association also hosts an annual conference in Bismarck highlighting important water topics from the perspective of the state and the nation’s leading experts.

Direct additional questions or membership inquiries to staff at or 701-223-4615.