North Dakota Irrigation Association


The North Dakota Irrigation Association (NDIA) is a non-profit, statewide organization composed of irrigators, potential irrigators, irrigation equipment dealers and suppliers, processors, energy suppliers, irrigation districts, businesses and other supporters of irrigation and economic development in North Dakota. It was reorganized in 2004 by a merger of the North Dakota Irrigation Caucus and the High-Value Irrigated Crops Task Force. The combined resources provided a stronger base to accomplish the mission of NDIA.

Six components of work are identified to accomplish NDIA’s mission, to strengthen and expand irrigation to build and diversify our economy.

  • Marketing
  • Project Development
  • Irrigation Research
  • Funding and Finance
  • Energy Alternatives
  • Communication and Education          


Membership in the NDIA affords you the opportunity to engage with fellow supporters of the irrigation community through the Irrigation Workshop held annually in Bismarck. This event includes educational seminars, networking opportunities, and vendors.

Additionally, NDIA members support advocacy of irrigation at both the state and national level. NDIA staff and board work with state legislators, regulators, and other organizations in the agriculture community to advance irrigation policy in North Dakota. At the national level, NDIA works with the congressional delegation and federal agencies to expand irrigation opportunities in the state. NDIA members receive exclusive updates year-round on important policy changes impacting irrigation, water, and agriculture.

NDIA not only works on advocating and promoting good irrigation policy, we work hard to identify funding opportunities for irrigators and potential irrigators to offset costs related to establishing or updating irrigation systems.

More information about membership, including membership levels, can be found here.

Additional questions can be directed to staff at or 701-223-4615.