Novermber 2016_The Calm Frank White Bull
Water Education Foundation Devils Lake Water tour
June 2022, Honorable Mention, Tom Krebs, The Heart River, Dickinson
Sept 2021, Honorable Mention, Bernard Anderson, Devils Lake, Foggy Morning


Sometimes there is too little, sometimes too much. In North Dakota, we have both extremes. Record flooding across North Dakota have set before us challenges of enormous magnitude to tame and control these floods to protect property and lives.

At the same time, drought and the significant growth throughout North Dakota, in both our rural areas and cities, sets before us equal challenges to develop infrastructure to provide adequate water supplies to areas east, north, west, and south.

Water has always been a priority in North Dakota. Collectively, the organizations under the North Dakota Water umbrella work diligently with federal, state, local, and nongovernmental partners to further North Dakota’s efforts to protect, develop, and manage its water resources, and provide solutions when there is too much or too little.




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2022 Summer Water Tours Scheduled!

The 2022 Summer Water Tours are scheduled! The North Dakota Water Education Foundation would like to thank this year’s tour sponsors. Your support is key in the success of the entire tour program. 2022 Water Tour Sponsors: Garrison Diversion Conservancy District...